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Online High School Credits Star Rating System

Online High School Credits offers a rating system from one to five stars for online high school programs. We put our heads together and decided on some important points that we would look for if we were going to enroll a student into a quality online program. Some of these school systems range from free to several thousand dollars a year. You have lots of online school systems out there to choose from and we hope to make it easier on you to make a educated decision from the beginning.

We did not rate school programs however by their cost, we only rated the programs based on what the school provides the student in order to succeed once they have completed high school. Below is a list of how we award stars to the online high school programs:

(1 / 5) One star is awarded if the online high school is accredited by any accreditation agency or group
(0.5 / 5) We award an extra .5 star if the online high school is accredited by more than one agency or group making for a total of 1.5 stars.

(1 / 5) We give each school one star if they provide one on one teacher to student access
(0.5 / 5) We add .5 star if the school also provides a guidance counselor or advisor along with the student’s teachers.

(0.5 / 5) We award .5 stars for flexibility of schedule and accessibility of classes.

(1 / 5) We award 1 star if the program offers good electives, AP-College Prep, or Dual Enrollment courses.

(0.5 / 5) If the school has a good website that is informative and easy to use, we award .5 stars.

If a school has all of these requirements, they can get a total of 5 stars (5 / 5), but if they have a website with information that is not easily available and/or clear, we may award that school zero stars based solely on that availability, even though they still may be an excellent school.

**NOTE TO SCHOOLS: If you have a school listed on this list and the school has zero stars because we simply cannot access the information from your website, you are welcome to contact us with information in order for us to change your star rating.


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