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The Benefits Of Attending Online High School

What are the benefits of attending an Online High School?

There are many great benefits that go along with online high schools.  First and foremost is the “one on one” teacher-to-student access that most online schools offer. You just can not find this in a normal brick and mortar school system. Most public and private school systems have an average of one teacher to 25 or even 30 students, making the teachers time and attention limited at best. With Online-Virtual schools, your student can video chat, message, or email teachers with any questions they may have. Teachers educating in online high schools and even elementary online schools, for the most part, have extensive degrees in the classes they teach. For example, you don’t have to worry about a PE teacher teaching your child Algebra.

Class Options

Online high schools have a huge selection of classes you just can’t find in normal brick and mortar school systems. Most online high schools have their normal required courses, but also offer Advanced Classes, Honors classes, loads of Elective classes, in addition to, most offering Dual Enrollment classes that allows your student to finish high school while at the same time, take some college courses. This ensures your student getting a valuable head start on their college future. Some online high schools have your student work closely with a counselor in order to make sure they are on the correct path for their college needs. If your student is a dedicated year-round learner, they could even finish their online high school with a two year college degree! How is that for a head start?!


Online virtual high schools are most of the time very flexible to the point that you have a whole year to complete the same courses that a brick and mortar school would have to finish in a lot less time. Most of these online schools also travel with you to different states or even different countries for that matter. All you need is an internet connection and a computer to accomplish the work required. There are many, many students that are using American online high schools in other countries around the world.

Social Issues

Unless the student and parents simply just do not get along, there are zero social issues with home school-online high school studies. We have found quite the opposite as a matter of fact. Students that have the flexibility of an online high school environment have much more time for community, church, family, and friends. Most online high schools can be completed in around four hours each day leaving a lot of time for other events making for a happy well-rounded student.  Most students love the fact that they can escape the every day pressure that comes with dealing with other students at a brick and mortar school, along with the extra free time they have every day.

Parent Involvement

As parents, I know it has been a long time, more than likely, since you have picked up a text book, and if you are like me, you have no desire to be the teacher. Most subjects have also advanced quite a bit from when some of us were in high school. With most online school programs, they have options that let you choose how much you are involved in the process. Do your research on each school in order to see which one fits your student and yourself, as well. Some schools give you all the tools in order to do all the work yourself, while other online schools provide quality teachers who teach your student for you. Let’s face it, some parents want to be the main teacher and some parents, for several different reasons, just don’t!  Good news is that there are plenty of quality online schools out there that fit every need.

Whatever you and your family may need in an online high school, there is one out there that should fit your individual needs. With the demand growing for online high schools, the quality you will discover just keeps improving every year!


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