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The Fastest Growing Education: Online Virtual Schooling

Online Virtual education is growing by leaps and bounds and keeps on gaining momentum. With the quality of online/virtual private school programs improving to standards that far exceed most brick and mortar schools, along with all the social issues that happen in those same schools, it is no wonder parents and students are choosing to take this choice into their own hands.

Numbers show that, at this time, around 38 percent of all students take at least one online class, up 15 percent from just two years ago in 2014. With most online programs set up for your students to have one on one teacher access, self-paced classes that you can access from anywhere as compared to the brick and mortar school where students have to compete with 30 other students for the same teacher’s time… that is if your student is not asleep from having to get up at 6 am in order to get to school in the first place.

Many parents have discovered that these days the social issues you find in a brick and mortar school setting sometimes far out way their students desire to do well in their studies causing their grades to slip. They are also finding themselves concerned with the fact that the teacher in the class is over worked or just doesn’t care and the school system can not get rid of them due to the teachers’ union. Whatever it may be, online virtual high schools have covered all the issues.

A lot of parents are worried about their children not having social interactions with other students when, in fact, this notion could not be further from the truth. All of these online high school programs go above and beyond putting in place social programs and a lot of your local cities have home school programs for your student, as well. Studies have also found that home schooled students tend to be active in their churches, along with community service, which in turn makes them great community leaders once out in the real world. Lots of good leaders have been home schooled. Check out this list of HOME SCHOOLED PEOPLE from Wikipedia!

Most online/virtual home schooled students bring more credits with them as they start college. Here is a study by the University of St. Thomas that gives several interesting statistics as to how well students that home school perform. As you will see by these results, students that get their schooling from home perform very well in several areas and, in fact, we would go as far as to say that most all the areas they do better in than average.

There are several reasons people choose online/virtual home school. Some people travel the world, some just want their child to be able to escape the major social issues that exist in the average brick and mortar school systems. Another reason is that a large majority of parents are just disgusted with their school system leaving their student behind or not teaching the same belief systems that fit the family. Whatever your reason, you are sure to find everything you may need in these great, well-designed online programs.

What is available through online programs?

  • Dual Credit Courses—Some programs give you a jump start on college.
  • Advanced Placement & Honors Courses—Courses for gifted students.
  • Religious Courses—Lots of religious-based programs are available.
  • NCAA Courses—NCAA courses are approved through the NCAA program for athletes.
  • Flexibility—Most of these online programs travel with you and are set up to fit most needs.
  • Affordability—Most of these programs have a very reasonable price being that they are private schools as compared to private brick and mortar schools.

In conclusion, whatever your reasons for choosing to partake in the online world of schooling, the decision to do so is made easier by the ease of which today’s virtual classrooms are paving the way. What’s not to love?

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