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Do Previous School Credits Transfer and Vice Versa?

Do the students previous credits transfer to or from online school?  First, you would need to get your students transcripts from the previous school system over to the new online school. This would determine what credits transfer. The online school may also need their standard test scores. If your student has been home schooled already, the school may need, home school verification. Credits from accredited schools, including regionally accredited high schools, should transfer.

What is an Transcript? 

Transcripts are school records, that include what courses the student has taken throughout high school and the credits that were issued for the courses along the way. Transcripts also include, some of the student’s personal information, such as grade point average, along with some identification information.

What is accredited?

This is the validation process in which schools are graded-validated through review boards with members from various school systems. There are several different types of accredited schools. The online school that you choose may be state, regional, nationally or internationally accredited. You will need to ask the school you choose how they are accredited and will the credits that your student earns be accepted everywhere. For more information on school accreditation you can check out info at U.S. Department Of Education.




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