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Will Online Schools Have Any Social Interaction Programs?

Will online schools have any social interaction programs? While it seems as though your child, as a home schooled student, may be deprived of social interaction, in truth, home schooled children often have much more available time and many more options when it comes to social interaction with others. Furthermore, most parents of homeschoolers go above and beyond in order to get their children involved with community programs, associate with other homeschoolers, and take classes like self-defense, music, and other such acitivites. Your student also misses out on lots of the negativity that happens in a brick and mortar school, like bullying, gangs, and other types of mental abuse that, unfortunately, occurs these days.

Most parents of homeschoolers go the extra mile to get their child into sports, museums, fishing, ballet, field trips, along with volunteering in the community. This not only allows your child to socialize with others, but to socialize with the people you want them around, the good examples! This is a great way for you to end up with a well rounded student, not to mention that homeschoolers have been proven time and time again to test better than kids in standard schools!

Most online home schools allow you to schedule yourself and most days the work can be completed in around four hours, leaving plenty of time for that trip to the park, zoo, or that afternoon fishing trip. So with that being said, you COULD ask your child if they would prefer going to their brick and mortar school for six long hours not including the potential thirty minute ride both ways OR if they would like to get up an hour later, do four hours work from home, and then go to the park or go fishing.

Being that there are now lots of homeschoolers in most cities, you may also be able to locate local groups dedicated to field trips and getting together for other type community meetings. There are over two million home schooled children in the United States and that number is growing every year. It is a good group to be in!


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