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Are Online High Schools College Friendly?

Are there college friendly online high schools? Yes, there are plenty of college friendly online high schools! Most online online high schools/virtual schools go above and beyond the normal school requirements. Not only do online high school systems have extra college worthy classes to choose from, most of the virtual schools have a plethora of college classes that will challenge and possibly entertain your student.

Most of the online/virtual online schools will not only provide the best advanced placement, college prep courses to take you on into college, they also will have tools to prepare your student. For instance, the online school may provide your student with placement tests that tell you at what level of preparedness your student is currently positioned, along with information on what direction to improve upon, in order to reach his or her goals in the long run. Some schools will even provide you with a guidance counselor.

Some skill sets may include courses such as: Creative Application of Ideas, Critical Thinking, Research and Writing Skills, along with courses like Advanced Placement Psychology, AP Calculus, AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, and the list just goes on and on. It really depends on the school you choose as to what college prep courses they offer.

In alot of online high school programs, you can find Honors classes and Dual Enrollment classes. We have schools on this website that allow you to earn a two year degree before you are out of high school through their Dual Enrollment courses!  These schools have nicely put together programs and they work along side colleges in order to accomplish this. No matter what you are looking for from an online program,  be it Christian education,  College Prep, or just your Basic Diploma, you are sure to find what you need through an Online Virtual High School.

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