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How Do Online Schools Compare To Brick and Mortar Schools?

How do online highschools compare to standard brick and mortar public-private schools? Just the fact that you have one on one teacher (parent) to student ratio is a big, big plus! In many public and private schools, you have one teacher to possibly thirty students in a class room. This, among other issues, such a bullying, fear of falling behind, etc., may cause your teenager to experience a setback or two. Many times, a child’s teacher is divided too thin with the other students vying for their attention and needs and, along with peer pressure, some teenagers can find it too hard to cope. With online home schooling, a teen can study at their own pace, by either learning one on one with a parent or if your child is self-motivated may be able to tackle their assignments by themselves.  Most online schools have an assigned teacher to video chat with, email, text, etc., so you or your child may ask questions as you go. One downfall that some people worry about though is the lack of social interaction with other children. That may be a good issue though, depending on how you look at it. If you do find that your child is not excelling in a public or private school format, distance learning is an amazing option for not only a child or teen experiencing difficulties but for one that may be bored with school and can move at a faster pace.

Convenience is also a big plus for most people! No more six AM rides to school on a bus or fighting traffic in the afternoon. You can do the online high school with a desktop computer or laptop from the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule! If you so desire, you may start school with an early riser or begin later in the day.  Need to skip a day due to illness? No problems with leaving work to take your child to the doctor simply to obtain a required doctor’s note for a simple tummy ache. Taking a vacation? Homeschooling with an online option goes WITH you…wherever you go as long as their is a WIFI connection! Have an eager learner on your hands? Technically a child can do double the work and complete their grade early and, if desired, move on the the next grade level WITHIN the same “school” year.

Oftentimes, a child is simply bored at school because others are slowing them down by not grasping a subject that your child may have mastered and are ready to move along.  This type of boredom can translate into poor grades. With an online school, your child, no matter what his or her age, will have the ability to move through a subject at a pace that suits their learning levels. Maybe, he needs a little more time on an English subject, but can race through a Math assignment with ease. Attending an online school, allows, most of the time, for the curriculum for the particular grade that your child is in to be completed in a year’s time versus a brick and mortars 10 month school season.



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