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What Are The Vaccination Requirements For Home School?

What are the vaccination requirements for home schooled students? The answer to this depends on what state you live in. Some states require your child-student to be up to date on their required vaccinations. Although forty eight states require public school students to be updated on their vaccinations before kindergarten, up to twenty five states do not require the same for home schooled children. Some of the states that do require vaccinations, do not require proof to be shown, or for the parents to keep paperwork on the vaccinations. Some states will also allow for religious exemptions that allow parents not to have their children’s vaccinations done. Map Of Exempt States.

In order to find out the laws in your state on vaccinations, just ask the school you choose for your child, they should be able to tell you about the state you live in, and if they have their own set rules on the subject. The state that the online school is based out of may also have placed requirements on the school they have to follow in order to do business.