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What Are The Daily Study Hours For Online School?

What are the daily hours my child-student will have to spend per day on their classes for online school as compared to the normal brick and mortar school system? On average, you can expect for your student to spend approximately four hours a day to complete his or her online school work. Some days, of course, will take longer and some days you may be lucky and have less. Now, this will vary from school to school as some schools have required set hours per day, and it also depends on how seriously dedicated your student is about getting done for the day. Some students like to work an hour, then take a break before working another hour. That is the great thing about home online schools, flexibility!

The good thing about online home school is the fact that your child can move mainly at their own speed which comes with its own advantages. For instance, say that your student gets done with the days work early, they then can move on to the assignments for the next day, thus making them ahead of schedule. Your student can do this as much as they like. Just think, your child could finish his whole year early if they are serious and dedicated. The great thing also about homeschooling your child/student, is the fact that along with the extra free time, if you want to challenge your student, and if they are up for it, you can always add classes to prepare them for college. Most online schools have wonderful classes that your student may just like to learn about because it interests them.

Think of the options that online home schooling will open up for your student! Whether it is the extra time just to enjoy life, being an active member of the community, learning a foreign language, or sports, your child will greatly benefit from you caring enough to give them the homeschool advantages.