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How Much Does Online Virtual High School Cost?

online high school

There is no definite answer to this question. Tuition varies among online high schools, but it will cost less than a traditional brick-and-mortar high school. Being cost-effective is among the things that differentiate distance education from the traditional education setup. High school education in the United States can cost from $0 to more than $20,000 per year.

Many factors will determine the true cost of high school education in the country. As the world learns to adapt to the drastic changes in public health and safety, online learning has become the new normal. Determine your tuition fee before you start applying to an online high school. Do check the different payment plans, discounts, or if the school charges any additional fees. Most importantly, if you plan to enter a reputable college or university, it is smart to look into dual enrollment options. It not only allows you to earn high school credits; it also gives lets you earn college credit as well. 

These options will require you to pay reasonable fees, but if you do your research well, you can finish high school without spending a dime!

Are you here to find out how much online virtual high school education costs? Here are the factors you must consider:


Many states in the country offer free online high school through the various online public schools to resident students. If you are a resident in these locations, take advantage of the free online high school courses to advance your high school education. Several online high schools offer full online high school programs, while some offer a limited number of free online courses. 

For a complete list of public high schools in the 24 out of 50 states, please refer to the links below:














North Carolina





South Carolina




West Virginia



To help you with your research into the intricacies of online high school in the United States, feel free to check the following resources below:

  • K12 is a leading provider of K-12 online education. Since 2000, it has been committed to making the quality online curriculum accessible to every student. K12 brings online education to every home, to every student, and families in the United States. There are many K12-powered schools, which in turn, empower more than 1 million students they have touched, albeit remotely.

An online high school is an ideal option for when your high schoolers need a different learning approach. It takes out the stress and pressure that are often linked to the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom setting. And with a K12-powered online public high school, you can achieve the goal you set for your teen and watch them thrive. 

Find a k12-powered school in your area to start earning an online high school diploma for free!

  • Digital Learning Collaborative, State Virtual Schools, is serving 420,000 students across the country and the world. During the school year 2016-2017, State Virtual Schools helped in online course enrollments for over 23 states, translating to over 1 million enrollments. Digital collaboration is one of the largest and among the most reputable providers of online courses. It also features professional development, technology infrastructure, and key online learning services to partner schools and districts.  


There are four types of U.S. online high schools: private, public, and college or university-sponsored. Your online high school education cost will largely depend on what type of high school you enroll in. Here is an overview of the difference between these online high schools:

  • Public Online High School receives significant government funding and is offered by various states or districts. They offer free online high school education to residents minors. You are in safe hands in these schools. They are accredited regionally and operate under state approval. However, admission can be rigid because of the limited courses they offer. 
  • Charter Online High School are also government-funded but are seen as having less stability. They run the risk of losing funding depending on the budget allocation. In terms of online courses, they offer more flexibility as well as specialized and individualized curricula. Courses may not be available to those living outside certain school districts.
  • Private Online High School carries the prestige of having quality education and recognition, but tuition can be expensive. On average, the cost of online private high schools in the country brings us at $14,522. They are open to all students nationwide, offering competitive specialized interest courses and programs.
  • College & University Sponsored Online High School is a perfect option if you want to pursue a college education. Online schools under this category offer high-quality education and flexibility and opportunities for dual credit programs. Admission, however, can be very competitive, and courses can be expensive.