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What Information Is Needed To Enroll In Online School?

What information is needed to enroll my student into online school? The online school you choose will have a list for you when you call, or you may be able to find that information on their website, as well. The information may differ from school to school so it’s best to do your homework and find out in advance. Some things on this list will be the same for every school. You may need to prove your child’s identity and age. The school may need proof that your child is up to date on their vaccinations. The school will probably ask for their transcript from the previous school, or their report card. The online school may need your proof of residence in order to prove what state you live in. Emergency contact information may be required for the school you choose. Some schools may even require your student to take part in an interview. A lot of the information needed will depend on what school you choose and what state you live in. It is very important to start this process early as possible in order to get enrolled with no surprises. If you call the school, they will more than likely email you over an list of their requirements or direct you to where you can locate the information on their website.


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